Express Style Trial Review- 30 Days of Free Clothes

I decide this year that I would not buy new clothes, but I still have moments where I would like to mix up my wardrobe. I heard about rental clothing companies and decided to try Express Style Trial since they had a 30 day free trial.

How It Works

You can request 3 items at a time for unlimited number of times for the flat fee of $66/mo. They offer the rental service for women and men. First, you sign up and then favorite items, which will show up under “On-The-Rack”. Express will then choose three items to send to you at a time. These items will appear under “At-Home”. You will receive an email when they are assembling the three items and another email with the tracking number as well as the list of three items you will receive. Mark items as “Prioritize” to indicate which items you prefer to have. It is recommended to have 20+ items under “On-The-Rack” to expediate turnaround.

Express handles the dry cleaning so you don’t have to worry about cleanliness. For faster turnarounds, notify Express if you want to return an item, by going to the “At-Home” page. FYI you must return all of the items together or you will be charged. You can also choose to purchase the deeply discounted items.

To cancel the membership, you have to call them, which is a bit of a pain, especially since they’re only available to call during normal business hours Eastern time.


I did enjoy having a few items to play with and mix with my wardrobe. The pieces made dressing up easy and fun as I would just wear those items when I had them. It also got me to try styles I never would’ve considered like faux leather joggers. I enjoyed the items that were more out of my comfort zone vs the pieces I knew I would wear like basic sweaters.


Despite playing around with when I return the items, I found my next box would arrive on the weekend. I wonder if they only have shipments going out near the end of the week. It made it frustrating to time having the clothes before I would head out to my boyfriend’s place for the weekend.

For example, I signed up and added items to “On-The-Rack” on a Tues. I received a shipping notification on Thurs. and received the items on Sat. The next week, I notified Express on Sun. that I will return all three items and received a shipping notification on Wed., receiving the items on Fri. When I canceled and mentioned the long shipping turnarounds, I was informed the idea is to click “Notify Return” with the expectation of getting the next box in a week.

Final Thoughts

Express is great for professional workwear like blazers, button ups, and slacks. Since I work remotely for a tech company, my day to day is usually a sweater or top with jeans so I didn’t take advantage of what Express largely has to offer. Express Style Trial is great for exploring new styles and having a rotation of different items in your wardrobe if you fit the Express aesthetic and need access to professional workwear. If you aren’t sure about if you would get use out of Express’s rental service, I recommend trying the free trial:

I won’t be continuing with the Express Style Trial membership since my style is more casual. Stay tuned as I’ll be trying the Banana Republic Style Passport next month due to their free trial.



Hey! I’m a 20-something year old who loves discussing self improvement. I’ve worked in operations and product at tech companies.

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Lilly Chan

Hey! I’m a 20-something year old who loves discussing self improvement. I’ve worked in operations and product at tech companies.